Common Auto Care Tips

Auto maintenance is incredibly essential to the longevity of your vehicle. If you wait too long to maintain your car, then you will need to pursue auto repair. This will be more expensive, time-consuming, and even lead to irreparable damage. If you aren’t sure what to do, or you’re looking for additional tips, the Key Auto Werks team is here to help. Here are a few car care tips to bear in mind to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Check the Battery

You need to check your car’s battery often. First, you need to inspect the cables to ensure the connection to the terminals is secure. You should also check for any leakage, and clean the terminal thoroughly with a battery cleaning brush. You can apply dielectric grease to help the battery remain corrosion-free.

Examine Your Air Filters

One of the most common explanations for auto issues is dirty air filters or loose fittings. The air filter is an essential component because it prevents particles and dust from getting into the engine. You should swap out your car’s air filters once every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, depending on which one comes first. It is easy enough to change out an air filter yourself, and it should only take ten minutes.

Have Your Tires Balanced and Rotated

Your tires take on some of the most significant damage when you go out driving in Houston. To make them last as long as possible, you should have them rotated once every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. You should rotate both the front and rear tires at the same time, so they have the same amount of wear on both sets. You also need to ensure your tires are correctly aligned so that you can steer safely.

These actions are only the beginning of proper auto maintenance. For full service, you need to take your vehicle to Key Auto Werks in Houston, Texas. Contact us during our regular business hours to set up a time to bring your car in. With our help, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle breaking down any time soon.

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