Auto Repair in Houston, TX

Signs You Need Auto Repair That Darn Check Engine Light When your check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, do you have to drop everything and get to an auto repair shop like Key Auto Werks in Houston, TX, or do you have a little leeway before catastrophic engine failure? The truth is, you should

How to Find out If Someone Has Car Insurance in Houston, TX

Texas has fault-based car insurance laws. Motorists are required to prove they will be able to compensate victims of accidents they cause. How? By purchasing a car insurance policy that meets minimum levels, as set by the state. If you’re ever injured in a car accident and someone else is at fault, you can pursue

Learn How Regenerative Braking Works

Need Brake Repair? Trust Our Technicians! What is Regenerative Braking? Today’s electric vehicles embody modern mechanics and masterful engineering. Not only do hybrid and electric cars reduce harmful carbon emissions, but they’re also super fun to drive. One interesting component of EVs is regenerative braking. But what exactly does this term mean and why is

BMW Isetta Restoration

The Isetta is a European microcar. It was originally produced right after WWII to help with cheap, short-distance transportation. The Isetta is a single-cylinder vehicle with only 3 wheels! George was able to recreate this BMW Isetta from some a few basic building blocks as you can see in the photos.

Packard Restoration

Packard is one of the oldest automobile companies. The first Packard vehicle was produced in 1899, and the last one in 1958. George had a great time and challenge in restoring this beautiful Packard from the 1950s.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Do your brakes squeak, smoke or just not feel right? Know when it’s time for repairs on your brakes In terms of vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and ride comfort, brake health should be foremost in every driver’s mind. Unfortunately, because we all assume our brakes will work each time we push the pedal, we don’t

Try and Take it Easy

A short video message from George Ramsey on how to try and take it easy during these unsettling times.

Common Auto Care Tips

Auto maintenance is incredibly essential to the longevity of your vehicle. If you wait too long to maintain your car, then you will need to pursue auto repair. This will be more expensive, time-consuming, and even lead to irreparable damage. If you aren’t sure what to do, or you’re looking for additional tips, the Key