Auto Repair in Houston, TX

Signs You Need Auto Repair

That Darn Check Engine Light

When your check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, do you have to drop everything and get to an auto repair shop like Key Auto Werks in Houston, TX, or do you have a little leeway before catastrophic engine failure? The truth is, you should never ignore a check engine light, but the state of that light will give you a better idea of the urgency behind the problem. A check engine light is a sign from your vehicle’s onboard computer that something is wrong. If the light is on steadily and is either yellow or orange, you have a little bit of time before the situation turns dire. If the light is red and/or blinking, there is an immediate problem that should be addressed before you drive more than a few miles to your preferred service center.

Warning Signs to Never Ignore

Other warning signs you need auto repair and soon include knocking and banging noises coming from your engine compartment. If you hear knocking from your engine, turn the engine off immediately and make an appointment with your preferred mechanic before you suffer catastrophic engine failure. If smoke is coming from your engine, there’s trouble, big trouble. If you’re driving when the engine begins smoking, pull over, turn off the vehicle and get out while you call a tow truck. Smoke can mean many things, but it always means something is hotter than it should be, and you don’t want to be inside your vehicle if the smoke turns to flames. Finally, when you find puddles of liquid, regardless of the color, it’s time to call your mechanic and schedule auto repairs.

Key Auto Werks Is Here for You

The team at Key Auto Werks in Houston, TX, is here to help you get your vehicle back on the road as fast as possible. When you bring them your vehicle, they’ll listen to the warning signs you’ve seen and then inspect and diagnose your vehicle’s auto repair problems. When you’ve approved the recommended repairs, the certified technicians will get right to work and repair the underlying issues. Give them a call today, especially if you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, and get your vehicle back in top running order as soon as possible.

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